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More than 20,000 homeowners turn to us to manage their most valuable asset, their property.

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  • Value drives our decisions.

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Home Owners & Strata Councils

Come home to the Dwell difference.

With our dedicated team and innovative systems, we deliver strata management that is knowledgeable, accessible and cost-effective.

Our property managers are committed to providing proactive service, so they visit their properties frequently. This insight brings timely service and expertise when you need it — before decisions are made, not after. 


Commercial Properties

Discover how Dwell can make the difference to your commercial property.

 At Dwell, we know how complex commercial properties can be. We are licensed and trained to work with all aspect of managing properties. Our advanced systems and extensive resources provide anticipatory service to minimize expenses, thereby contributing to your profitability and ROI.

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At Dwell, we understand the unique management needs of a non-profit residential property.

We are ideally structured to deliver non-profits with the management they require. Our dedicated staff and personalized approach allows us to refine our services to meet the specific needs of each property.

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Residential Rental

The Dwell management approach helps residential rental properties thrive.

Our decade of experience has allowed us to forge long-term, strategic partnership with trades and suppliers, so we can provide skilled and trusted contractors to our clients with negotiated pricing that contributes to their bottom line.

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What our clients are saying about us.

We're proud of our reputation. We built it one property at a time.
Our clients feel the same. Listen to what they are saying about us.

  • Our old property manager missed meetings and projects never seemed to get done. Now that we have partnered with Dwell Property Management, everything is completed on time and within budget. We are now able to tackle much bigger projects with confidence. Tom Munro, Council President, Parkside, North Vancouver
  • The differences between the two property management companies were significant. The first one we had was very poor on execution, not answering questions or delivering on promises that had been made. Once Dwell Property Management took over, the change was instant. Things now get done very quickly.Adam Cantor, Council President, Morgan Crossing, Surrey
  • Moving from one strata company to the next in the receivership process was overwhelming. Ken from Dwell Property Management held the developer to task and really got things done for us.Paula Limberg – Council President, H&H Yaletown, Vancouver
  • We were so grateful to have Dwell Property Management accept our Strata Corp. as one of their clients. We came to Dwell Property Management with some problems, and frankly wondered whether they'd even be interested. Thanks to Dwell Property Management, we are now back in the black.Pamela Barton, Council President, Maple Manor, Vancouver