The Dwell Advantage

Timely. Professional. Dedicated.

We understand that homes aren’t like other assets. They’re special and they mean something different to each owner. That’s why we treat every property with attention and professionalism, providing a level of service that far exceeds other firms. 

We deliver on our promises

At Dwell Property Management, we are as good as our word. We visit each property regularly, to maintain a proactive commitment to it. We review contractors’ work and provide timely insight on maintenance.

Value drives our decisions

With our network of trusted contractors, preferential rates with partners and our extensive expertise, we’re able to deliver significant cost savings to our clients. Our insurance program, for example, provides superior coverage for a reduced cost, while our banking relationships offer lower monthly fees.

Responsiveness is at the heart of how we work

Nimbleness and responsiveness is part of the Dwell commitment. It’s seen in our secure, reliable systems that provide access to the information you need, our strata-specific websites that give owners and councils round-the-clock information, schedules and more, and in our dedication to service.

Trusted partners are part of our team

We pride ourselves on working with skilled tradespeople who possess the same dedication to excellence. We always secure multiple quotes for large repairs, so you can be assured that you’re getting quality work for your money. With our expertise and contacts, we are able to select local tradespeople who are committed to serving your area.

We speak the language of business

Our staff are professionals, trained in business and in reading and understanding financial statements. We’re able to review your statements and provide insight into forecasting and planning, because we partner with you, for the future.

We work with the best

We look for well-rounded individuals with a dedication to our work, a commitment to our clients and a depth of experience to share with our partners and homeowners. With our mentoring program, new hires are trained first-hand to deliver the same elevated level of service that has defined our reputation.